If I was to design an RPG battle system…

… which I hope I some day will, for Eden, it should be awesome.
It needs to contain speed and cool moves. And I want my characters to be able to engange in kinds of combos for super attacks. I remember the Baten Kaitos and Xenosaga Battle Systems being pretty cool, something like that. And it would involve a lot of jumping.
(Well, if I stick with Monolith Soft being my development company of choice I might get lucky. XD)
Also it needs an epic battle background music like The True Mirror from Baten Kaitos that simply never gets old. Not like regular RPG Batttle Themes that you get sick of after playing 2 hours. >.<

…. okay enought ranting. q_q
I added a widget to the right bar (it gets crowded there by now) that shows the last 6 pictures that were added to any folder of my gallery. ^_^

Everything went better than expected!

So after I was at the orthodontist that I mentioned in my last post, just the Monday after that I already got my third molars out. All 4 of them with just a local anesthetic. All in all it went pretty smooth and except for the injections I also did not feel much pain. ^_^v

What’s bad is that I currently cannot draw the way I want to. I have these images in my head but what ends up on the paper is just not good. T_T But oh well, then I’ll need to go on draw stuff that doesn’t satisfy me and hope to become better while doing it.

Orthodontist tomorrow… waaah!

So tomorrow before Igo to work I’ll be heading to the orthodontist (what a word…) to talk to him about removing all my 4 third molars. ~_~ I’ve never been a person to be scared of doctors or dentists or the like, but having 4 teeth taken out… waah. >.>

Over the last few days  have been adding a few piccies here and there to galleries. I hope this urge to draw will hold on for really long now, not just a month and then 2 years nothing like in 2007. >_<
I ordered some more materials to work on my coloring skills and hopefully my mother will send me my copic sketch next week as well. The box of normal copic markers (the square-shaped ones…) I have here just has too little colors… also I wana try out a few tutorials for which I need the brush tip. Wish me luck so I might learn a new (and better…) way to color my piccies!

Results of 5 days off work

So here are the results of my mini vacation:

Karu, our main protagonist. Finally finished his character picture. Actually he is supposed to have black hair, but as I’m scared of the evil black Copic Marker I used several grey tones and the colorless blender. ~_~

Of course, following the protagonist we must have the main antagonist – Lord Mehistopheles. (Mephi for short. ^.^)
The cravat is actually inspired by Miles Edgeworth from the Ace Attorney series.

Ayes, the second main character of the first act besides Karu. I’m somehow not satisfied with her head..

The hopefully final costume design for Ayes. It was suposed to look wild and classy at the same time, just like fire. The basic idea of the boots is by the way stolen inspired by Anastasia from Shadow Hearts Covenant. I had no idea which shoes I wanted Ayes to wear and then saw the ones Anastasia was wearing which matched the “Ribbon” thenme on Ayes so well. >.<

The finished picture of Iyuki and Milten. I added the “spirits of the future” in a light grey. I’m not all to satisofied with it anymore, but I guess it could pass as a decent pic. ._.

Nori’s High Priestess Kanashii on European Ragnarok Online. I promised to draw her an avatar for the RoCards forums one day and managed to finish the coloring around her birthday!

The finished picture of Mari‘s request. She requested a picture of me and her lying together in bed. I was so scared of coloring the blanket because of the textile folds but looking at it now, it came out not as bad as I feared. Yay for me! ^_^ (And luv you Mari! <3)

Cruz requested her RPG character Celiah in RoCards’ “Draw the one above you” thread, so I drew her. I’ll try and color it these days.

Please ignore the anatomy on this one, it was actually just a scribble to have a reference for Al‘s clothing again, as my olf reference picture is currently resting at the bottom of a box at my parents’ house.

The sketch I made for Hyacia‘s request of her two OCs Kei (left) and Hyacinth. I totally screwed up both of their right hands. >__< *needs to correct this*

Last one! After I finished to note down the main frame of Eden’s story, I began to think about the sequel which I made up with 16 again. It was supposed to have the characters from Eden but in a modern setting. The sequel mainly resolves around Metatron who is searching for his lover in the modern world and for this sake disguises as a normal human male. ALso I decided on a title: 楽園2- 地獄 : Eden2 – Hell

Now I’m hyped to also note down the full story for this one.. waaah. q_q

Loot again!

So I am having two days off before Friday which is a public holiday and today was just great… Wednesday but not having to go to work… *_*
Instead I went downtown with my beloved and we actually bought a scanner. Wheee~

And when I came home a package was waiting for me containing an NDS game and a Gamecube Memory Card. So I finally, after all this time got to play some Baten Kaitos again. God, this battle theme is so addicting.

Old habits…

… which I will probably never lose – I have them plenty. One of them is that I somehow feel embarassed when drawing while anyone is watching me doing so. Or even having someone in real life watching one of my drawings.
Which puts me in a difficult position, as our current flat is so small and does not have any decent table that I can only draw on the bed. But half of this place is occupied by my beloved, resulting in me currently REALLY wanting to draw but I cannot. WAAAH! >_<

N> bigger flat

Weekend Loot…

So my beloved and me went shopping today, initially because I needed some fineliners and he wanted to shop for some clothes and shoes.
And the day ended with him buying me Resonance of Fate for PS3! *__* It seems however that I’m currently too imbecile for the battle system. T_T
Also I got myself a used copy of Dark Chronicle for PS2 and a Gamecube controller. Coming home happily, thinking that I could FINALLY play Baten Kaitos on the wii, I ended up discovering that the wii does not have memory card emulation like the PS3 has, but I would also need a Gamecube memory card in order to actually save my game.
Damn, it seems like playing Baten Kaitos is a thing of impossibility. o.O *Goes to add the two news games to her gameslist*

Oh, and about the fineliners: They turned out to be 2 Copic Multiliners SP (0,1 and 0,03). I’m really excited to try them out, as I have loved the normal Multiliners already. *_*

Some new sketches

As you see I did not add the character profile pictures as promised in the last post. Oh well… ^_^;
What I did a few days ago however was adding the Japanese names for the characters for.. no apparent reason.

I finally bought a new notebook yesterday after my old Thinkpad R51 from 2004 (when it was still called IBM Thinkpad) just did not mange to satisfy my needs regarding speed anymore. Needing 5 minutes to boot and almost one minute to load Opera isn’t exactly comfortable…
I’ve been wanting to buy a new one since almost 2 years now, but so far I did not find one that satisfied me regarding price / specs AND looks. (And I grew so accustomed to the Thinkpad’s clit mouse that I cannot do anything on the touchpads that normal notebooks have… ~_~)
But when browsing notebooks last week, I saw something that I never thought would be possible… a RED Thinkpad. o_O So blablabla in the end I bought it and so far I’m really happy with it. *_* It’s so light and it has Windows 7 and it loads my dear Opera in no time and best of all: It’s a THINKPAD wheehee~

So, on to the part that is actually interesting: the new bunch of pictures! All digitalized using a digital camera, as I have no scanner at the moment.

1. A picture for Iyuki from European Ragnarok Online. It was supposed to be a prize for winning the Fanart contest of a Ragnarok Online fanpage back in December 2007 and it actually took me over 2 years to get it done. *shame on me*

I might add their heads as grown up rebirth classes above the two young ones if I have the time and manage something that actually looks good…

2. This one’s actually for this page, whee. :D I’s the hopefully final design of Ayes.
I hope I can still make something out of her back hair, as it’s supposed to be curled but currently looks nothing like that. >_<

3. Some sketches. I won’t explain who is who due to possible spoilers:

That’s it for this week. Scanner donations are greatly appreciated. ^__^